Team Spotlight - Ricky Thaden – Nestled Pines

Team Spotlight - Ricky Thaden

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"It's nice to have a relationship with clients across the country. It's fun to work with them and find out what they're doing with their business."

Ricky Thaden is Nestled Pines Woodworking's Wholesale Sales Associate. He joined the team in 2017 and currently attends Edgewood College, pursuing a degree in Business Management and Marketing with an emphasis in Sales. He's a self-described Proud Cat Dad, high-school Cross Country Skiing coach, and a rising entrepreneur. 

Ricky has a multitude of hobbies and passions  -  eventually, he hopes to make a career out of them, using the knowledge he's learned from Edgewood, his alma-mater UW - Baraboo, and from Matt and Amie here at Nestled Pines Woodworking. Enamored with golf, skiing, paintballing, fishing, and hunting, he would like to run his own business someday.

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"Ultimately, it would be awesome to have a bush plane in Alaska, taking people out on weeks-long or months-longs hunting trips out in the boonies. I'm an outdoorsman at heart and would like to do something with that."

Ricky is inspired and motivated every day by his father, a retired National Guard member. 

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"A lot of the values my father holds, I hold now. He taught me the meaning of respect and good common sense. He's gotten me to the place I am today with the lessons he's taught me and the knowledge I've gained from him."

He defines success not by money or by status, but by personal achievement and the accomplishment of goals he's set for himself throughout his life. With his passion for business and goal-oriented spirit, Ricky fits right in with the Nested Pines Woodworking team.

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